Making ceramics objects satisfies a deep seeded urge to create things by hand. I love the idea of creating objects that leave my studio and join people’s homes. Becoming quiet objects of utility.

In addition to spending time making things I spend a great deal of time helping other people make things. Teaching ceramics feels like my ultimate creative project. It is a joy watching people grow a skill and build confidence while learning a new skill. I love seeing new approaches and ideas that come from fresh prospective. Teaching creates community which feels bigger and more important than any pot I have ever made. I am so grateful for the community that is ceramics and the home I have found in this process and its community.

You guys, I took some time off to unwind in TX with family and the Palm desert for @gabeishh Birthday🌵 I am feeling so inspired and refreshed. Can’t wait to put wildflowers and cacti on some pots. #pioneertown #pioneertownpottery #pioneertownceramics #maker #ladymaker #makersgonnamake #makersgottamake #joshuatree #joshuatreesuperbloom